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Company Information

What makes Bhutan Koryo Tours  an Industry Leader?

Bhutan Koryo Tours is a tour and trekking company based in Bhutan’s capital, Thimphu.

The company was established to provide a glimpse of this Himalayan Kingdom – known as the Land of Happiness – to the outsiders who are increasingly curious about its ancient cultural mores, traditions, spectacular environment and a lifestyle that balances spirituality with material progress.

Apart from the Kingdom’s intrinsic attractions, Bhutan Koryo Tours believes that the travelers to Bhutan must receive what they seek: a memorable trip handled with professionalism and experience garnered over many years.

Of the numerous travel companies in the Kingdom, Bhutan Koryo Tours has distinguished itself in the following ways:

  • Our trips are culturally and ecologically sensitive. Each tour we conduct goes beyond the superficial; apart from what is tangible and visible, we try to bring out the complete essence of what makes Bhutan unique. In so doing, we also ensure that its cultural identity is not compromised and that Bhutan’s status as an environment “hotspot” stays intact;
  • We provide services with a difference. Every trip goes beyond the mechanical and the mundane. Our guides and team leaders try to bond with their guests to cultivate a warm and understanding camaraderie which in turn helps foster a wonderful and lasting experience;
  • Before and after tours, it is our company’s policy to take feedbacks with which we are able to improve ourselves on a daily basis. The pre-tour consultations with the guests are a prerequisite to fine-tune the nitty-gritty of actual tours, and incorporate the desires and expectations of our guests. This approach brings about an ideal partnership in the planning and execution of the tours;
  • We believe in innovating on a daily basis. Each time, an opportunity for a new product arises, we craft an itinerary and inform our agents worldwide of the wonderful new opportunity.

About the Promoter

Bhutan Koryo Tours is managed by Mr. Sonam Phuntsho, travel and guiding expert who has accumulated 14 years of experience in the Bhutanese travel industry. He holds a professional degree in Travel & Tourism Management from India, and has subsequently travelled the world over pitching his company and ideas to potential clients. Through such travels, he has gained a huge exposure to the global travel industry and incorporated the best practices in his own operations back in Bhutan. Over the years, his resume has become so immaculate that today he is frequently engaged to lead specialized tours, not just within Bhutan, but even in the neighboring countries of India and Nepal.

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